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ZF Sachs Race Engineering develops, designs, produces and sells shock absorbers and clutches for use in motor racing and sports cars. As a subsidiary of the shock absorber and clutch manufacturer ZF Sachs AG, the company established itself as a legally independent business unit (GmbH) in 1998 and has been expanding continuously since then, now counting over 85 employees. “Our goal for our involvement in motorsport is to increase the ZF Sachs brand awareness in international markets and to strengthen the image of our organisation through success in motorsport”, stated Managing Director Olaf Schwaier. “At the same time we want to showcase ZF Sachs products in the competitive environment of motorsport.”

The three product lines reflect the company’s most important target markets – and its goal of consistently achieving record performances:

Sachs Formula – High-end motorsport
Sachs Racing – Motor sport matrix systems
Sachs Performance – Tuning products for the road

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Further information on the opportunities that currently exist to support the team by coming on board as either a commercial sponsor or as a technical partner can be obtained by contacting our Commercial Management Partner Mulsanne Productions Ltd.
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